Life Purpose Coaching
Life Purpose Coaching is a faith based coaching ministry that uses a biblically based curriculum to help clients discover and fulfill their God-given life purpose.

  • one on one conversations on purpose
  • two day life plan facilitation
  • healing hurts recovery coaching
  • life transformation for daily living
  • parent-teen coaching
  • grief facilitations
  • marriage and relationship coaching
Life Investment Coaching
Life Investment Coaching uses various curriculum materials designed to assist those without a definite faith based belief system desiring consultation with a Life Investment Coach for assistance.  A Life Investment Coach has been trained by Linda McGee-Graber, Founder & Director of Genesis XXI, to guide clients in the discovery of their life purpose.
A Life Investment Coach is equipped to assist clients during their various life stages:
  • young adult-college graduate
  • marriage coaching
  • parenting coaching
  • job transition coaching
  • grief coaching (loss of a loved one, loss of a job, loss of a dream, etc)
Grief Facilitation
The Grief Facilitation is created by Susan Singleton, J.D., and Kathryn McCloskey , Ph.D., is a remarkable tool that is based upon the premise that persons who have lost a loved one benefit from participating in a personalized, private facilitation 8 months to a year after the death of their loved one.
This one-on-one discpleship process empowers the participant to discover the scripture's relevance to their personal grief event, and realize the ways God brings hope and healing in this season in their life.
Presented in either a one-day intensive facilitation, or in one-hour weekly sessions by a certified facilitator, this life-changing event is recommended for anyone experiencing loss of any kind.

Coaching Fees
Coaching services will be flexible based upon the number of coaching sessions and financial need of each client.

1-3 sessions                                   $100.00 per session
4-9 sessions                                   $75.00 per session
10 or more sessions                     $50.00 per session
On Site Consultation                    Fees upon request
2 Day Life Plan Facilitation          Fees upon request
Follow-up Consultations              $50.00 per session
Genesis XXI Coaching services will not discriminate if a client is on medically prescribed medications to assist with their recovery process.